About us

The Social Environmental Working Group of the Amazon “Wataniba” was founded in 2005, by three professionals who had been working in different institutional spaces in the promotion and defense of the rights of the Indigenous Peoples of the Venezuelan Amazon.

Later, in 2008, its structure was modified, creating a General Assembly that is currently the largest authority of the Institution. It is composed of 10 professionals of diverse specialties (anthropologists, doctors, educators, lawyers, biologists and sociologists) widely recognized for their work in the social environmental and indigenous area of ​​Venezuela, with the participation of a member from Brazil. Later, Wataniba began a process of transforming its original perspective, from being an “indigenist” organization to an organization that proposes an intervention with a “social environmental” perspective.

Wataniba promotes social environmentally sustainable territorial management processes, strengthening the technical and identity capacity of the peoples inhabiting the Amazon, designing jointly with Indigenous Peoples, public policies coherent with social and environmental rights widely recognized in Venezuelan legislation.

General Assembly: Luis Jesús Bello, María Teresa Quispe, Aimé Tillett, José Gregorio Díaz Mirabal, Cristóbal Cornieles, Marcos Wesley de Oliveira, María (Tina) Oliveira, José Antonio Kelly, Johanna Goncalves, Carlos Botto.

Board of Directors: Luis Jesús Bello, Aimé Tillett, María Teresa Quispe.

Work Team: María Teresa Quispe (Strategic Director), Luis Jesús Bello (Operational Director and Support for Indigenous Organizations), Esther Rojas (Yanomami / Ye’kwana Territorial Management Program Coordination), Medina France (Territorial Management Program Coordination Uwottüja / Arawako), María (Tina) Oliveira (Wataniba Socio-environmental Observatory Coordination), Beisy Arana (Administrative Coordination and Human Talent), Ruth Salazar (OSAW Professional), Rosa Ana Silva (Office Assistant and Logistic Support), Diana Guevara (Assistant OSAW Program).