What we do

Wataniba works on issues of territorial management, traditional knowledge and bilingual intercultural education with three towns: Yanomami, Uwottüja (Piaroa) and Ye’kwana. All actions are carried out in coordination with the representative indigenous organizations of these Peoples: Horonami, OIPUS and Kuyunu. In the same way, it provides permanent technical and political advice to fifteen other organizations in the Venezuelan Amazon, having promoted and accompanied a space of articulation between indigenous organizations – for the political lobby – called the Coordinator of Indigenous Organizations of Amazonas (COIAM). Recently created the Socal Environmental Observatory of the Venezuelan Amazon through which registers pressures and threats, especially associated with illegal mining.

There are three direct execution areas that correspond to three territorial management programs: one for the Yanomami people, one for the Uwottüja people and one for the Ye’kwana people.

The areas of support that contribute to the proper functioning of the previously mentioned Programs are: cartography area, research and publications area, communication area, administrative area and logistic support area.


  • Empowerment of the members of the indigenous communities, through theoretical and practical training processes.
  • Support for community organization and by people.
  • Technical support to indigenous organizations.
  • Joint design, with communities and peoples, of public policy proposals on education, health and territory.
  • Accompaniment in the processes of negotiation of indigenous peoples with the State for the implementation of their rights.
  • Generation of useful maps for the geographic contextualization of territorial, educational and health public policies.
  • Design and execution of research on the state of implementation of indigenous rights through specific public policies.
  • Follow-up on cases of human rights violations against indigenous peoples and communities.
  • Preparation of Publications.