There are a few places that you can seek help for your Xanax addiction throughout the state of Louisiana. Getting in touch with a team of professionals can help to ensure that your recovery goes as planned. Those who get professional help are less likely to relapse.

Ray of Hope

This is a treatment center that assists people with a wide scope of addiction and substance abuse issues. They have properly trained medical staff that are familiar with how to develop tapering schedules for those who wish to detox from Xanax.

Shreveport Wellness

This treatment center specializes in helping people who have gone through the detox process develop aftercare plans. Shreveport Wellness offers a wide array of services for those who are serious about maintaining their sobriety. They offer traditional counseling, as well as holistic modalities with trained practitioners such as Reiki, Acupuncture, nutrition classes, and yoga.

Woodlake Addiction Recovery

This treatment facility offers inpatient care services for those who feel as though they may need a more immersive experience to be successful in their recovery from Xanax addiction. This treatment center offers around the clock care for those that partake in their recovery plan. This inpatient treatment facility offers nutritionally balanced meals, counseling services, detoxification services as well as classes and activities geared towards recovery throughout the day.

Addiction Recovery Resources

This recovery center offers both inpatient and outpatient care services. They work with people that are suffering from all types of substance abuse issues, not just Xanax abuse.

The staff members that work in this facility are thoroughly trained in the ins and outs of recovery. Addiction Recovery Resources offers taper plans for those that are trying to get clean from Xanax. In addition to offering taper plans, they also provide psychological support in the form of counseling.

Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center

This recovery center offers inpatient care services. They offer a relaxing and supportive environment for those that get treatment in their center. They offer medically assisted detox and a wide variety of psychological support options such as counseling and hypnotherapy.

They also offer a state of the art gym, nutritionally balanced meals, and holistic health care modalities designed to support the recovery process. Some of these modalities include things like meditation and mindfulness practices, reiki, and acupuncture. This center has recently started offering music and art therapy to assist those who are struggling with coping.