Articulation and Cooperation Spaces

At the national level, comprised of the Venezuelan Amazon (Amazonas States, BolĂ­var and Delta Amacuro), Wataniba articulates and executes its work with the representative indigenous organizations of the Amazonian peoples. In the same way, seek to share efforts with national non-governmental institutions such as Provita, the Center for Indigenous Promotion and Self-Management (CEPAI), the Human Rights Office of the Apostolic Vicariate of Puerto Ayacucho. Also, from its work at the local and regional level seeks to influence the implementation of public policies in line with the particularities of the Amazon before national government agencies such as the Ministries of Indigenous Peoples, Health and Education, the Bolivarian Armed Force or the Ombudsman from town.

At the regional level Wataniba is part of the CANOA Networks (Cooperation and Alliance in the North and West of the Amazon), ARA (Regional Amazonian Articulation) and recently of the Amazonian Geo-referenced Sociology-Environmental Information Network (RAISG). Additionally, it carries out bi-national projects with institutions such as the Sociology-environmental Institute (ISA) of Brazil and the Colombian foundations Gaia Amazonas and Etnollano.