Xanax abuse can be diagnosed through a blood test. Blood tests can detect the levels of the chemical in the blood. If a person is using large amounts of Xanax to get high, this can be detected in the blood. Once it has been determined that a person has been abusing Xanax, there are a few ways to move forward when it comes to treatment.


Counseling plays a huge role in the recovery of those who become addicted to prescription medications such as Xanax. Getting clean can often be an overwhelming and confusing process. Counseling can help recovering addicts to gain clarity and insight into their situation. When in recovery it is important to get to the bottom of what lead to drug abuse in the first place. A trained substance abuse counselor can assist the person in figuring this out so that they do not fall into the same pattern again.

Xanax Tapering Programs

Safely detoxing from Xanax is a bit different from detoxing from other substances. Due to the fact that Xanax withdrawal is so severe, most of the time it takes a few weeks to stop taking the drug entirely. One of our medical professionals can help you to develop a schedule for safely tapering off of Xanax.

Tapering involves gradually lowing the dose that you are taking over the course of a few weeks so that your body can gradually adjust to receiving a lower amount. Once you get to the point in your taper program where you are no longer taking Xanax, your doctor may decide that it is in your best interest to take supplements and medication to help you while your moods to become stable again without Xanax in your system.

Group Meetings

Attending group meetings is a great option if you decide that you would like to connect with other people that have gone through Xanax withdrawal. Connecting with others who have gone through this process can help to provide additional encouragement as you work to stay clean. Many people claim that group meetings have played a key role in their recovery.

In Addition to the Treatment Options Above

There are a lot of other healing modalities that can be used in combination with the treatment options above. Many of our clients have found that things such as acupuncture can assist with the recovery process, and we would be happy to help connect you to these services.