Communiqué from Horonami Yanomami Organization about outbreak of measles in the Yanomami communities of Alto Ocamo, Amazonas state, Venezuela

Representatives of the Yanomami people in Venezuela are concerned about the outbreak of measles in their communities, especially those in the Alto Ocamo sector, which threatens to expand within their territory and become a cause of death.

The representatives of the Yanomami people for Venezuela, gathered in the association Horonami Organización Yanomami ( HOY ), together with members of the Indigenous Presidential Council of the Yanomami People, expressed their concern about the outbreak of measles that their communities are suffering in the Alto Ocamo sector . This outbreak, as reported by Yanomami Community Health Agents (ACYAPS), has affected and caused the death of residents of all ages in several communities. So far it is known that the most affected are Oroshi, Kuayampú, Irotha and several of the Hokomawe sector.

According to them, the outbreak would have entered through the border with Brazil, since in the Awaris and Onkiola communities there have been several cases, with deaths. In this region there is great mobility of illegal miners (garimpeiros), which could have transmitted the disease to the Yanomami. It must be remembered that, of course, indigenous populations do not suffer from measles; this and other diseases such as malaria and rubella are of western origin. According to the ACYAPS, especially from the community of Shamauka, the outbreak threatens to expand to other settlements such as Ushishi, Momoi, Tentei, Yakleobe and Kremopë.

Faced with the risk of contagion, the organization has decided to suspend its Assembly, scheduled for the month of August, and asks the state agencies to intensify the measures before this health emergency that can decimate the population of this indigenous group.

Within the framework of this meeting, communications were drafted and delivered to the Minister of Popular Power for Health, Carlos Humberto Alvarado González, the Minister for the Popular Power of Indigenous Peoples, Aloha Núñez, the Ombudsman, Alfredo Ruiz Angulo, and a statement open to the whole society to call attention to this emergency.

The full statement can be read on this link: Press release TODAY 09 July 2018

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