People know that Xanax is one of the most common prescription medications that people become addicted to. They are prescribed mainly for people who have anxiety and panic disorders because the drug creates a feeling of euphoria. People can quickly build up a tolerance to Xanax which makes people take more. This results in quick addiction. The term Xanax ‘bars’ was coined due to the fact people would find themselves needing the highest dosage of Xanax possible to feel the effects of the drug.

What are Xanax ‘Bars’?

The highest dosage possible for a Xanax pill is sometimes called bars, planks, or zanies. Pills usually are prescribed to be divided into four pieces. When someone who has not developed a tolerance to this drug, they will likely take the full dosage because it will create an intense feeling of relaxation and euphoric high.

Why Are They Dangerous?

One of the main reasons Xanax bars claim so many lives is because of the type of people who abuse them. The most common people who use Xanax for recreational use are young people. Since young people are still developing, they are more prone to the adverse effects of Xanax. One negative consequence that can happen to Xanax users is memory loss. The effects of Xanax only last for a quarter of an hour so binging on Xanax bars is very common.

What Are Some of the Dangers of Xanax?

Xanax overdose is a very dangerous thing. As a depressant, it can slow down your brain and your vital functions. They may slow down to a fatal point. You can go into a coma, get permanent brain damage or even die. If you see any of these symptoms of overdose, make sure you contact medical emergency immediately.

  • If the user looks disorientated
  • If the user’s limbs are floppy
  • If they start to blue on their lips or fingernails
  • If they are breathing very slowly
  • If they do not respond to normal stimulus and look unconscious.

What Do Addiction and Withdrawal Look Like?

If someone becomes addicted to Xanax, it becomes very hard to stop. Addiction happens when someone can no longer get through a day without a Xanax. It’s good to know the signs and behaviors of someone on Xanax, so if someone around you is in trouble, you can help them right away.

  • Changes in mood
  • Increase restlessness and activity
  • Memory problems
  • Diet issues and weight loss
  • Nonnormal physical changes

Withdrawal is very dangerous and should not be done alone. People have died from withdrawal even if the dosage has been cut only a little. Some of the withdrawal symptoms are similar to alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Many people get tremors and may even vomit. The worse symptoms that can happen are psychosis and seizures. People can even become suicidal, and that claims a lot of lives. It is common for people who just stopped Xanax to experience an extreme amount of anxiety. Your body is used to having Xanax bring anxiety down but without it, the anxiety explodes. This increase in anxiety can last for several months and is very difficult to face without medical help.

Ideas for Treatment

Rehab centers can provide a lot of medical help for anyone trying to recover. They will have a lot of experience and will show a lot of understanding. Most rehab centers have an inpatient program and outpatient programs. The inpatient program means you enter the rehab and recover inside of it with their program. The outpatient program means you stay at home and are regularly checked by medical professionals.

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