People start to abuse Xanax for a wide variety of reasons. For most people, Xanax abuse starts with a prescription given to treat anxiety. Other people start to abuse Xanax because they hear about its calming effects, and want to see if they can get high from consuming it.

Once curiosity sets in these people buy Xanax from drug dealers. This is where the cycle of abuse begins. Xanax use doesn’t take long to spiral out of control. The reason for starting use depends on the individual, but in this article, we will explore the most common reasons why people begin to abuse Xanax.

Coping With Anxiety

The primary reason that people begin to abuse Xanax is to escape the issues that they have with anxiety. Anxiety disorders can cause a lot of burdens in the lives of people who suffer from them.

When people who have been struggling with anxiety for years try Xanax for the first time they are often amazed by the way that it makes them feel. Finally getting a break from the symptoms of anxiety is enough to lead most people into a slippery slope of regular use. This is particularly dangerous for people who are self-medicating without a prescription from a doctor.

Why Self-Medicating is Dangerous

  • No professional to help figure out the dosage
  • No professional to explain the side effects
  • No professional to help keep tolerance at bay
  • No professional to safely taper the individual off of Xanax

Increased Tolerance

After a person using Xanax to combat anxiety begins to get used to having the drug in their system, they start to develop a physical tolerance. Once a physical tolerance develops the person starts to take more than prescribed.

They do this because the onset of the relaxation isn’t as noticeable as it was when they first started. The calm, euphoric rush that is experienced when people use Xanax tends to diminish over time as the body adapts.
As the physical tolerance increases, the user continues to take more and more in an attempt to recreate the feeling that Xanax gave them when they first began to use.

Looking to get High

Many people hear about the sensations that Xanax provides to the people who take the drug. This leads to curiosity in people who are looking to get high. Xanax is accessible in most cities, and most drug dealers are able to get it for their customers. Once these people get their hands on Xanax tolerance tends to develop fast.

Those who use Xanax to get high often take very high doses, much higher doses than would normally be prescribed. Xanax abuse tends to spiral out of control quickly for this reason. People develop severe tolerance issues and begin to take extremely large amounts of the drug to avoid withdrawal.

People often do not know what they are getting themselves into when they start to abuse Xanax. The withdrawal from the large doses that these people take are often severe and life-threatening.

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